Marc (Stunt Performer)

“I was looking for something that would broaden the variety I could bring to fight scenes and movement on screen.”

“I found that AND MORE! Gordon helped me rebuild my basics, improve areas I didn’t realise had lapsed, and gave me lots of small manageable drills to do at home which have given me great benefits in the long term in my holistic health and movement.”


“It’s a privilege to train with Gordon!”

“Along with the skills I need to stay fit, be confident and feel safer, I’ve also learnt a lot about myself as a person. Strength-wise I feel a lot stronger. You burn a lot of calories which is great way of losing weight and feeling good about yourself. You also learn lots of techniques that you can take home and practice at home, which is huge.”


“It’s an immersive and very supportive experience that challenges you to make the best of your abilities.”

“I wanted to something that would help me let off some steam and hit pads. The real focus is to grow as a person. As a result, I am now fitter and stronger in myself, in both mind and body. You constantly learn new techniques and drills so it doesn’t feel like routine exercise, and it fits round my schedule.”


“Gordon tailors the training to your individual needs.

“He has helped get a lot of my core and strength back. I am feeling a lot more mobile, flexible, stronger and confident.”


“Gordon is the best-kept secret in martial arts!”