Muay Tigers

start your children on a great journey

Muay Tigers

Join your children and become a Muay Tiger, together with your children, learn the fascinating “Art of Eight limbs” and bring them on a journey to discover fitter, stronger and more confident versions of themselves.

We believe that in todays society, it is very important to teach your children to be confident and strong, not only for their physical strength but also for their mental well-being. Learning martial arts from a young age will help children grow socially, build strength and improve mobility, develop discipline and focus.

At Muay Tigers we encourage you to join in with your children and experience the journey together, your children will see and learn from you as you both progress in a fun and respectful environment.


Saturday 9am - 9:45

Saturday 10am - 10:45



St George’s School,

Carlton Road, Harpenden,

Herts, AL5 4TD