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mma training - how combat arts gets you fit

A mature man was looking to get fit. He wanted to improve his health and physical fitness, but hated the gym. Then he found Combat Arts fitness training programs which are specifically designed to help men, just like you work towards a stronger body, improve your confidence levels, and make you feel like you can take care of yourself, should the need arise.

Combat Arts classes are a great cardio and whole body toning workout, and also help you regain a sense of inner strength and emotional balance.

Why getting the basics right at the outset will accelerate your learning

At Combat Arts, classes have all the elements you would expect from martial arts; punches, kicks and sparring, as well as the cardio fitness elements.

However, the main thing is you will learn the proper execution of every single move.

Getting the basics right in anything can sometimes be the hardest part

As both teacher and student, across multiple disciplines, Gordon has tried many way to speed up the process of learning the basics including; visualisation, cross training, diet, NLP, training harder and endless research. What he observed was that we all grasp the basics in different ways, but the more time we spend doing an activity the more we improve. As they say ‘practice makes perfect’.

There are no quick wins to getting fit

Today, we live in a fast-paced, immediacy-based culture and some people approach training the same way. Expecting immediate results but bearing little, or no attention to form. This actually limits their progress which results in them giving up and trying yet another fitness program. Only for the cycle to repeat.

Has this need for immediate gratification left us lacking the patience to tolerate slow practice and constant repetition to get to a place of excellence and satisfaction?

Master the basics

To re-educate, realign and realise the potential there has to be a balance and a concerted effort to master the basics.

Gordon uses this concept with his Combat Arts small group training classes with great effect.

He focuses on the detailed precision of understanding, context, physiology, mechanics and technique, all at a snail’s pace with endless repetition.

Explosive and dynamic movements and combinations are rehearsed at a glacial pace every session. As a result, Gordon spends less time correcting bad form and technique, and the students are actually learning and progressing quicker which excites them.

Gordon said: “As a trainer the best feeling is when someone really gets the material, and this approach to training means my students master the basics quicker and more accurately. This is not a new discovery or concept, however if we can do it readily at Combat Arts, it is doable in many other aspects of life.”

What are the benefits of Combat Arts classes?

Aside from the physical aspect, Combat Arts classes will help you get fit and improve your speed, resistance, and strength.

Flexibility and muscle reflexes are also enhanced, and the movements themselves require you to develop balance and co-ordination which enables your body to be stable and maintain good form.

You will also learn drills and skills that you will be able to put into practical use, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself.

Relaxation and self-motivation is also developed.

You will feel a sigh of relief, and feel that you are released from your stresses, and you will also be able to get rid of any inner anger. Once all of these are released, you may find a lightness in your body, and a more peaceful mind.

Want to get fit?

Our Combat Arts classes are suitable for beginners, and they allow you to work out at your pace and push yourself to the limit in a safe environment.

If you’re interested in improving your health and fitness, but the thought of the gym leaves you, why not give Combat Arts a try? For more details about classes and training, email

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