Psychology and the art of self-defence

Being psychologically prepared is critical for self-defence during an assault in the street. It is very important to be ready to repel the assailant(s) using all the means you have at your disposal.

Even if you’re not in the best physical shape, you could still inflict enough damage to disable your enemy (enemies).

For example, if you wear hard sharp-toe shoes, then kicking your enemy in groin or lower leg with the toe of such shoe, even if there are no years of practice behind this kick, immediately makes him writhe with pain for several moments. This ultimately gives you enough time to either disable the enemy or simply run away.

Scratching the assailant’s face using fingernails also causes pain shock to your enemy and makes him unable to resist for some time.

Think like a cat

Just think how dangerous a furious cat can be for people, and a cat weighs about 30 times less than a man.

Then think about how someone can torture a cat and the cat does nothing to protect itself.

Can you see the difference between a man employing everything he has at hand to give furious resistance to an assault, and a man who does not resist at all or makes poor attempts to resist.

The difference is very substantial. This example clearly shows that the more furiously you resist, the more chances you have to win the fight.

A win for the weak

Let me tell you a story.

It’s about a weak man who was small in stature who succeeded in protecting himself against a big, fit, tough guy who assaulted him.

This small man was so furious and fearless giving his much stronger offender a hail of blows (weak and unskilled as they were), that he completely shocked the tough guy, so all he could do was try to cover himself from the blows.

You would think that this tiny, middle-aged man, who was unfit and in a fight against a young and well-trained assailant would not stand a chance.

However, he did.

The psychological advantage

Why, and how then, did that small man, who had no chance to win fend off a much larger and fitter opponent?

It is very simple.

The moment the fight began, his consciousness blocked and he acted automatically, guided only by his sub-conscious.

In the heat of the moment, he had nothing in his mind, but the enemy and the thought of disabling that enemy by any means possibly. At that moment, his consciousness was, as it were, at one with the Universe.

He feared nothing since the sense of fear was gone from him and that’s why all his actions became TRUE ones.

Even though he didn’t have much power and skill, all he had he put into each blow. So that's why, seemingly, with no chance to succeed he won the unequal fight.

In contrast, his enemy was stiffened with fear and uncertainty as a result of this sudden and furious attack.

He thought that no one would ever dare to attack him, as he was so strong, fit and tough, especially not this small man, who was supposed to be trembling with fear.

But as it turned out, at the critical moment it was the strong, tough guy who had the weak spirit, his will, composure and toughness failed him. He simply got scared and confused, and, as a result, was defeated by a weaker and less skilled opponent.

Take control

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