5 tips for a healthy diet

Is your diet killing you?

There are so many different diet lifestyles out there these days and many have conflicting information: eat grains, don’t eat grains, no dairy, no carbs lots of meat, meat is bad for you. The list is endless.

Is it any wonder we, on the whole, are confused? And if there was one ‘wonder’ diet, wouldn’t we all be doing it and feeling amazing?

So, what should we eat for a healthy diet?

I’m not a qualified dietician, but from my research and trying different diets, these are the top five tips that I try and stick to:

Cut out refined sugars

That’s got to be easy, right? Well no.

Sugar is as addictive as any drug and when you decide to cut it down (or out altogether) it can be a rocky road (no sugar pun intended).

Apparently it is easier to give up smoking than it is to give up sugar, and we all know someone who has struggled to quit smoking.

So, how do you cut out refined sugars?

Rather than go cold turkey, try cutting down gradually and become a label addict. Get the food scanner app from Public Health England and scan everything that you put in your shopping trolley. You’ll be amazed how much hidden sugars are in your everyday items!

Cut out wheat

All the wheat-based foods (even the ‘healthy’ options) we buy at the shops are refined and have additives. So are they really the same as we were getting thousands of years ago?

But wheat, like sugar, is difficult to cut out due to its addictive nature. Is one bowl of pasta ever enough? And how many of you have suffered from a bloating feeling after eating wheat-based foods.

Sugar and starch are both carbohydrates and cutting both from your diet can help reduce belly fat, improve your energy levels, improve digestion, heart health and your mood.

Cut out ‘–icides’

Herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, plasticides, the list is endless.

Which means look at going organic.

These days organic is becoming more and more mainstream. It’s still slightly more expensive, but the foodstuffs will generally have more taste and because they haven’t been sprayed with ‘-icides’ are better for you.


Drink water, but not from a tap, because of all the stuff it contains.

Invest in a water filter, and there are many on the market to suit any budget.

Also, don’t use plastic-bottled water either. Not only are they detrimental to the environment they also contain phyto-oestrogens, which enter your body and mimic the effects of oestrogen.


Exercise is the single biggest contributing factor to your health and wellness: mental, emotional, osteoporosis, gastro-intestinal transit time, your general well-being, the list goes on.

As always, when it comes to exercise find something you enjoy doing. If you enjoy it, it’s not going to feel like a chore and you will get more out it and see faster results.


Ultimately though, you are the best judge of your body.

It’s the only one you’ve got, so what price would you put on looking after it the best way you know how?

We’re all individuals, and what’s right for one, might not be right for another. So, trust your intuition and do what’s right for you.