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What are the effects of exercise on the aging body?

Studies are showing that a sedentary lifestyle benefits no one and can lead to all kinds of health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even abnormal sugar levels.

Some of these studies even show that sitting down for long periods during and after eating can have adverse effects.

While everyone knows the importance of exercise for a healthy life, not many individuals are aware that being physical early enough in life means keeping aging and its associated ailments at bay for even longer.

The earlier you start taking control of your physicality and finding a physical activity that you enjoy, you provide yourself with many benefits.

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Elements used in Combat Arts training – Part 2 – Kali

This article about Kali, is the second in a series of articles to give you an insight into the martial art elements that Combat Arts founder, Gordon McAdam, specialises in and uses in his training courses.

“Kali” also known as ‘Arnis’ or ‘Eskrima’ is an ancient martial art form from the Philippine’s that pre-dates the Spanish conquest of the island nation in the 16th century.

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